In the year 2011, SBRM was certified as an ISO 9001 and an ISO 14001 organization. ISO 9001 implies that we maintain high standards when it comes to the quality of the product or managing the various activities of the organization. ISO 14001 certification signifies the importance we give to protecting the environment, employees and workers health, their working conditions, etc in all processes undertaken in the organization. Infact, SBRM is the first Rice Mill in Karnataka to be certified with both these certifications.

We purchase only best quality paddy from farmers, directly from their paddy fields (from the surrounding areas of Ballari). Every bag of Paddy is sampled at the time of loading and any defective quality is rejected at the site itself. We check the moisture, brokens, defective grains percentage, paddy density, etc for each batch of paddy purchased. If the quality is not to our set standards, the entire lot is rejected, even if the seller quotes lower price for the low-quality paddy. Quality forms the crux of operations at SBRM.

The entire process of conversion of Paddy into Rice has been defined with various set parameters, and checks are done at various stages to ensure we stick to those parameters and thus output the best quality grains for the benefit of the final consumer.

To ensure stone free rice, we have installed Paddy de-stoner as well as a separate Rice de-stoner in the milling process. Internationally reputed ‘Cimbria Rice Grader’ is also installed to ensure proper sorting of Rice and Broken Rice. To maintain uniformity of the grain size, thick and thin graders have also been installed.

Most of our Paddy is primarily stored in Silos, which are scientifically designed structures to provide optimum storage conditions for paddy, along with proper ventilation and protection from varying climatic conditions, thus increasing the longevity of the product and maintaining its quality in the process.

The entire plant runs on Buhler technology machinery, the pioneers in the field of Rice processing.

We have the advantage of Buhler whitening and polishing equipment which ensures –

  • Uniform and gentle whitening
  • Intensive cooling
  • Hygienic process
  • Excellent rice surface finish
Buhler Sortex S6, one of the best colour sorters in the world, is installed for improving the overall quality of the final product. Its sophisticated cameras remove all types of contamination (stones, glass, and white plastics) and defective grains (pecks, red rice, yellow grains, immature, bran, discolours and paddy), thus leaving only clean and uncontaminated rice to pass through for final packaging.Buhler Sortex S6

We have made it a habit to cook samples from all the batches of rice processed by us, so that we can ourselves check the final quality of the cooked rice and then pass it for further packaging.

Hygiene is of utmost importance to us. All the bins have been coated with Food Graded paints to ensure healthy consumable grains. The entire machinery section is virtually dust free to ensure health of the workers and also maintain the quality of the grain. We have even incorporated automatic packaging to ensure that the grains remain untouched by human hands even when they are packed.

As much importance as SBRM gives towards maintaining the quality of its products, it also ensures that the same does not cause any surrounding environmental damage or affect the health of its employees. In its efforts to improve the environment, many trees have been grown all over the factory premises. We have also made provisions for rain water harvesting. Also adequate measures and equipment have been installed in place to ensure safety of employees and their working environment.

Our esteemed customers are spread all over India in general and South India in particular. We have maintained their trust and goodwill since 1980. We have gained their trust only with our continued focus on quality of our processed rice.