Entrance Gate
Complete Plant View
Automated Control Panel PLC
Buhler Paddy Pre-Cleaner
Buhler Paddy Destoner
Dandekar Rubber Shellers
Buhler Paddy Separator
Buhler Rice Destoner
Buhler Thick Rice Grader
Buhler Whiteners
Buhler Thin Rice Grader
Buhler Silky Polishers
Buhler Rice Classifier
Buhler Sortex S6
Austria Cimbria Rice Grader
Machinery Setup View
Machinery Setup View 2
Rice Storage Bins
Sortex Rejects Grains
Automatic Bag Filling and Stitching
Storage Silos
SKF SS Driers
Thermax 4TPH Boiler
Fowler Westrup Paddy Pre-cleaner
Covered Husk Shed
80 Ton Public Weighbridge
Factory Outlet @ Ballari
Factory Outlet @ Bengaluru
Campus view
Ariel view of campus